Reduce waste, improve consistency, and save your business money with a commercial kitchen scale
The right kitchen scale allows your commercial kitchen to weigh out and portion foods to ensure portions are consistent, recipes are adhered to, and nothing goes to waste. Any professional kitchen will benefit from having the right kind of kitchen scale on hand to make preparation tasks quicker and more efficient. At you will find a wide range of models and types of kitchen scales, allowing your business to customize the perfect kitchen scale solution for your commercial kitchen operation.
There are four basic types of scales to consider when selecting a kitchen scale for your foodservice business. One or more types of scales may be the perfect tool to add to your business. Consider all options when selecting a scale to ensure your needs are met and the scale you select provides the best possible solution for your needs and budget.
Electronic portion scales are one of the most common tools used in any commercial kitchen. These scales can be used to portion out any type of food based on its weight, ensuring consistency and quality in the final product made by your staff. These scales can be used for weighing out individual portions for plating, or for weighing large quantities of ingredients when preparing recipes. The money saved by using an electric kitchen scale is well worth the initial small investment, as it can easily save your business thousand of dollars in otherwise wasted or mis-measured food products. These scales are designed for speed and accuracy, with an easy-to-read digital display, making them the perfect choice for any busy restaurant or foodservice business.
Mechanical portion control scales are the less expensive counterpart to the more commonly used electronic scale. These are not quite as quick to provide a readout, and do not offer the easy-to-read digital display of the electric scale. But, these mechanical scales are excellent at providing accurate measurements, and work great for businesses looking for a very small upfront investment.
Legal for trade scales are used in delis, grocery stores, bakeries, and butcher shops, and provide the most accurate measurement of weight for a variety of goods. These scales must pass a very intensive certification and testing process prior to being sold, ensuring the most accurate of measurements. Legal for trade scales also offer programmable lookup keys, which makes them even more convenient to use in busy food service locations.
A receiving scale is a critical tool to use upon receiving deliveries of food goods, helping to ensure that your business only pays for the exact amount of goods delivered. Any product purchased by the pound, such as produce, meat, or seafood, should be verified upon receipt to ensure that you don’t pay for more goods than you receive. This type of easily-made delivery error is incredibly costly and adds up fast.
At, you will find the best kitchen scale for your business, saving money and reducing wasted food. Find a wide range of the best brands all with our lowest price guarantee, free freight on everything, and 32 years of quality as an authorized dealer.

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